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Day 152 – Project Presentations and Review

Students finished presenting their Data Collection projects to the class. They then worked on a review for the upcoming test tomorrow. Advertisements

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Day 148 – 150 Data Collection and Graphing Project

To wrap up our “Collecting, Displaying, and Analyzing Data” unit, we started a project today that will continue for the next few days.  Students picked a survey topic and were asked to survey at least 50 people.  They had to … Continue reading

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Day 63,64, 65 – Function Machines Complete!

6th grade finished their Function Machine Projects last week.  Here is a glimpse at their final products:                  

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Day 62 Function Machine continued

Students continued work on their function machines…

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Day 61 – Function Machine Project

My 6th graders started on a “Function Machine Project”.  This project culminates our Patterns and Functions chapter, and is a nice way to lead into Thanksgiving!  In groups of 4-5 they first come up with a function.  With that function, … Continue reading

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Day 52/53/54 – Graphing Stories

We took some more time today on interpreting graphs and “graphing stories”. Dan Meyer has created a series of 15 second videos that allow students to describe events graphically. This is and it was exactly what I was looking … Continue reading

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Day 25 – GCF Candy Challenge

I call this activity the “Candy Challenge”, so as not to give away the GCF way of finding the solution. I give the students this scenario: “I have 90 tootsie rolls and 120 smarties. I want to put together as … Continue reading

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Day 15 – Review and Number Properties Extra Credit

Today was a basic day of reviewing for the first chapter test.  Students worked on about 25 problems and will finish those for homework.  Before getting to that, we took an AIMS Web assessment.  I had not heard of this … Continue reading

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