Day 131 – Collecting Jumping Jack Data

Students came in and read this on the board:


Some thought this was somehow an April Fool’s joke… but instead, I wanted them to unknowingly create their own data.  They stretched their arms, their legs, spread around the room, 3..2..1 GO!  They jumped for 50 seconds, counting their jumps in their head. ImageImageImageAfter time was up, each student came up to the board to write down their total.  At their seats, the rest of the class filled in the data onto their notes.


20140401_160547We used this data to create a frequency table, stem-and-leaf plot, and then a line plot.  We discussed how these displays all differ and how one may be a better display than another, depending on what we want to learn from the data.


7th graders took a STAAR writing test today so I did not meet with them.


About Gretchen Simmerson

Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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