Day 122 – Creating Sample Spaces

ImageWe reviewed “experimental probability” and played around with sample spaces on the Smartboard.  I gave them several scenarios in which they had to figure out the number of possible outcomes.

How many of you have trouble putting together an outfit each morning?

Lots of hands went up.  In this example, students had to create “outfits” given 3 tops and 2 skirts.  Many quickly realized the “Fundamental Counting Principle” what states if you take the number of outcomes of one event and multiply it by the number of outcomes of another event, you will get the number of all possible outcomes.

In this case 3 outcomes of shirts x 2 outcomes of skirts = 6 possible outcomes.

They worked through several examples, showing the possible outcomes and then using the Fundamental Counting Principle.Image


About Gretchen Simmerson

Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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