Day 120 – Recap of a Visit from Kahoot! / a new lesson: Probability

SXSWedu – visit to Eanes School District in Austin, TX
As part of our recent visit to SXSWedu we were lucky to be invited to the Eanes School District, whose teachers do an amazing job implementing digital pedagogies! Whilst there, we observed Kahoot! being used for formative assessment.


Notice the classroom?

The day we left for Spring Break, our school had a visit from the developers of Kahoot!  They were in town from Norway for SXSWedu and we were lucky enough to show them Kahoot! being used in our school.  (Read more about Kahoot! in my classroom here.)

Students had the opportunity to ask them questions (most of which focused on the fact they were from Norway and had accents like the characters in “Frozen”…which was very exciting for 6th graders….!)   But the students also had the opportunity to show them their enthusiasm for the game Kahoot!  We played 2 rounds of previously made Kahoot games I had made.  Students were loud, excited, and engaged!

Above is a piece from their newsletter.  See the whole newsletter here.


Today was our first day back from break, and as hard as Monday’s after breaks tend to be, it was good to get going again!  We had a review lesson on probability, focusing on the likelihood and the probability of an event occurring.


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