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Day 95 – 96 – Classifying Triangles

We explored triangles today, and after some exploration, students came to the conclusion that all triangles must have at least two acute angles.We then classified triangles by their sides: scalene, equilateral, isosceles and their angles: obtuse, acute, equilateral. Quiz was … Continue reading

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Day 94- Ice is gone, back to work!

The “arctic blast” has ended, the weather has warmed up a bit, and students and teachers returned to school!  Today we focused on Polygons – defining their characteristics and determining what makes a polygon “regular” or not.  I had lots … Continue reading

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Day 93 – All About Circles

Still focused on the “building blocks” of geometry, students learned the key parts of circles — diameters, radii, and chords. We worked on identifying these and then used proportions to figure out the measure of central angles.

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Dy 92 – Parallel, Perpendicular, Skew

A look into lines…

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Day 89 – 91 – Intro to Geometry and Playing Kahoot!

This week we started our introduction to Geometry.  We focused yesterday on points, lines, and planes which are the building blocks of geometric concepts.   Today was a look into angles.  We used the Smartboard to explore two rays joining … Continue reading

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Day 86-88 More Percents and Birthday “Gifts” to Me!

This week we continued working with percents. To get some real world thinking I had the students fill out an order form based on items from a “catalogue”.  It’s a very simple activity, that gives them a chance to calculate … Continue reading

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Day 83-85 – Say No to Tip Calculators!

Students took a quiz today on the first few sections of percents and their applications.  We have just begun to find percent of a number and tomorrow we will continue with percent proportions.  We use the “is/of = %/100” way … Continue reading

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Day 82

I was wrong was day 81.  Today I was out of the classroom, participating in the book adoption committee for our district.  We had a chance to preview some new text books for next year.  Exciting change to come!

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Day…… 91?

Ah back to school for the New Year! I fell behind on updates before the winter break, so here’s to a new year and keeping up with the blog!

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