Day 61 – Function Machine Project

My 6th graders started on a “Function Machine Project”.  This project culminates our Patterns and Functions chapter, and is a nice way to lead into Thanksgiving!  In groups of 4-5 they first come up with a function.  With that function, there are various roles that need to be played out:

  1. Artist – Responsible for creating an image/illustration/3D creation of a function machine
  2. Mathematician – Create an input/output table based on the function.  At least 10 inputs are needed.
  3. Grapher – Responsible for creating a clear and accurate graph of the function, using the coordinates from the table.
  4. Writer – Creates a detailed, written description of the function machine.  They will creatively explain what happens to the inputs to get the outputs.

In the end, they are all responsible for the final project.

I showed my students examples from last year and they were excited to get started! Today was a lot of discussion, planning, and rough drafting. They used again to check their tables and graphs.  This was much easier than having me check all of their work!  [More about Desmos here.]




Lots of students plan to create actual machines. I also saw lots of ideas related to this:image_4!

Input/output – it makes sense!


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    This is a relatively simple idea, but would undoubtedly hook any class of students.

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