Day 34 – iPad Shopping – Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Students entered class and worked on a mini- “pre-test” to see what they already may know about adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing decimals. photo(11) This would not be graded, but rather will give me insight into what needs to be taught for this next chapter.

Today focused mainly on adding and subtracting with decimals.  Most students picked the concept up quickly…especially when the decimals related to money!  After a few practice problems together, the students worked in small groups on shopping problems.  The scenario: You have $100 to spend.  Given four items with the prices attached, they had to answer 3 quick questions related to adding and subtracting with those prices.image_1

This led directly to part of their homework assignment, which was to choose 4 of their own items to “sell”.

I had students log into eBackPack (a free app that our school is trying to incorporate as a way to file share with students and other teachers).  Here, they opened up a document called “Decimal Shopping”.  It was a PDF that I had them convert into Doc AS, which is just a PDF converter and annotator.

Students were asked to upload or take 4 photos of items they would like to sell.  The total for all the items had to be under $200 and all of the items had to include both dollars and cents (no whole numbers….that would be too easy!)image

The items could be as realistic or silly as they wanted.  I gave my example of selling my dog, George (which of course would never happen…) but this got them thinking!  Many wanted to actually sell their friends(?!) or little siblings!   We will see what they all came up with tomorrow when they get a chance to share and answer questions based on their item list.


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Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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