Day 31 – Students create Review test!

ImageSince we will have two days of review before the next test, I decided to have the students create their own test that they will give to a classmate tomorrow to take.  I gave them each guidelines of where to find questions (notes, homework, text Imagebook) and how many questions to put on the test from each section, but otherwise they were free to format it as they wish.  For those that need some help with the formatting, I created a blank document with space for the 15 questions.

I did this activity last year too, and the students seem to love it!  I think creating your own test that they know someone will actually have to take really gives them ownership.  It also helps them go through all the sections and think about the type of questions that may come up!

Along side their test, the students had to create an answer key.  This is just for them to quickly grade their partner’s work.

I was impressed with the work in class. Many chose to use their ipad to type the questions, while others just stuck to pen and paper.  Tomorrow they will exchange the tests and get a chance to GRADE their own self-created assessment! ImageImage


About Gretchen Simmerson

Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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