Day 28 – Socrative Warm Up Quiz

ImageMy plan is to have a weekly warm-up quiz every Friday.  Students use the same warm-up sheet (separated by day) for a whole week.  On Friday, they use that sheet to help them with the warm-up quiz that I post on Socrative.  We have tried it several times, but have never fully used it as a formative assessment (class runs short, ipads won’t sign them in, etc.)  This week, I planned for it to be right at the beginning of class, in lieu of a warm-up, so that they all had time to complete it.  It was a 4 question, multiple choice quiz, all based on their warm-ups from this week.  They enter their name and begin the quiz.  Each question gives instant feedback of whether it was correct or incorrect.  I am able to type in an “explanation” when making up the quiz, so I can really explain in writing the correct answer and why it is correct.  When they finish the quiz, the results are sent right to my email in a nice spreadsheet.  Here I can see color coded results (green is correct, red is incorrect).  In this photo, I have taken out their names, but obviously I can see their names, the answers, and know right away what they understand and what they may need more help with. photo 1

I’m excited to keep using this throughout the year…tweaking it as I go.  My hope is that the students will answer (whether it be correctly or incorrectly) and automatically see whether they “got it” or still need help with it.  Not only is it instant feedback for me, but it helps the students know where they are with the material.


About Gretchen Simmerson

Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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