Day 15 – Review and Number Properties Extra Credit

ImageToday was a basic day of reviewing for the first chapter test.  Students worked on about 25 problems and will finish those for homework.  Before getting to that, we took an AIMS Web assessment.  I had not heard of this before, but it is basically a timed math test (6th graders had 8 minutes, 7th graders had 10 minutes) that is used for “universal screening and progress monitoring.”  Students are asked to go in order, no skipping around.  If they do not know how to do a problem, they are to put an X and move on to the next one.  The kids didn’t seem to mind taking this (especially since it was not going to be taken for a grade!)  I’m hoping there is some benefit to giving them this test, but we will have to wait and see.

IMG_2351 IMG_7213 IMG_5524_2  IMG_5783

The Properties Extra Credit project was due today and I was pleased to see many wearing their creations!  Students had to create a t-shirt that demonstrated their knowledge of the number properties.  They had to identify 3 properties (distributive, commutative, associative, and/or identity), write a definition, and give an example.  Lots of shirts were decorated with puffy paint or markers.  Some had it printed and then ironed on, and one student even had his shirt made professionally!  I was impressed.


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