Day 12

Wednesday!  Almost there.  We began the basics of solving equations today…proving an equation to be true or false, given the value of a variable.  For example, is 7 a solution for x + 3 = 10?  Ha Ha so easy, they say!  I admit, the examples we started with were pretty easy, but I stressed the importance of actually PROVING it.  We did about 10 examples together and I made sure each student showed each step of plugging in the value of the variable, simplifying, then proving with an = or (not)= sign.  How fun!  And they really did a great job of showing these simple steps.

Tomorrow when we start actually SOLVING equations, this “proving” whether a value of a variable works for an equation will all make sense!

I also started filling in our class Word Wall today.  Will continue to add to the chalkboard as we progress through the year!Image


About Gretchen Simmerson

Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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