Day 9



It’s Friday and we have our first quiz today. But here is part of the SmartBoard lesson from yesterday.  I wanted the students to have a visual of all of the properties.  Here are two of them.  For the Distributive Property, I cloned the first image of the gift, so students could come up and actually “distribute” (or drag) that gift to everyone “inside”. I describe the Distributive Property as someone on the outside of the “party” (parentheses) wants to get in, but the only way they can get inside is to bring a gift for everyone inside the party!  It’s middle school:) and this makes sense to them!   The Smart Board has been such a great teaching tool.  I used to just use it as another white board.  The more I learn, the more interactive I can make it and the learning becomes that much more meaningful for my students. I get so many ideas from Smart Exchange.  There you can download a lesson already created, or, what I like to do is download pre-made lessons and then add or edit it from there to make it suitable for my own class.  Students LOVE to come up to the Smartboard, so I always try to incorporate some type of quick practice within a lesson.image(8)


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Middle School math teacher living in Austin, Texas.
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